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Jesus was a prolific performer of miracles in the bible

Miracles in the Bible: Can You Identify Them All?

Miracles are a fundamental aspect of the biblical narrative, serving as powerful demonstrations of God’s authority, compassion, and involvement in human affairs. Understanding these miraculous events can deepen our appreciation of the Bible’s messages and themes, and inspire us in our own faith journeys.

This quiz on miracles in the Bible is designed to test your knowledge and help you explore these extraordinary events in more detail. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible reader or just beginning your exploration, this quiz offers a fun and engaging way to learn about the awe-inspiring miracles that punctuate the biblical text.

Trees are a miracle of nature


#1. Who parted the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to escape from the Egyptians?

#2. Who was swallowed by a big fish and lived in its belly for three days?

#3. Who turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana?

#4. Who was raised from the dead by Jesus in the town of Bethany?

#5. Who healed a man born blind by putting mud on his eyes?

#6. Who walked on water in the Sea of Galilee?

#7. Who was thrown into a den of lions but was not harmed?

#8. Who made the walls of Jericho fall down?

#9. Who was healed from leprosy after dipping seven times in the Jordan River?

#10. Who fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish?


We hope this quiz has not only tested your knowledge but also deepened your understanding of the miracles in the Bible. These miraculous events are more than just stories; they are profound demonstrations of divine power and love, meant to inspire faith and awe.

Witnessing a miracle in Biblical times would have been a thing of wonder indeed.

As you continue your journey of faith and study, remember that these miracles serve as reminders of the limitless possibilities when divine intervention meets human faith. Whether you aced the quiz or learned something new, keep exploring the Bible’s rich tapestry of miracles and their enduring messages for our lives today.

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