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Easter Quiz

Easter is a time of reflection, celebration, and profound gratitude for Christians around the world. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, marking the triumph of life over death and light over darkness. This season offers us a chance to deepen our understanding of the Christian faith and the events leading up to and following that pivotal moment in history. To enhance your Easter celebration this year, we’ve crafted a special quiz designed to test your knowledge and perhaps reveal fascinating insights about this sacred holiday. Whether you’re well-versed in the Easter story or just curious to learn more, our quiz promises to be an engaging and enlightening experience. Let’s journey together through the key events that define Easter and discover their significance in our lives today.


#1. What event does Easter celebrate?

#2. On what day did Jesus rise from the dead according to the Bible?

#3. Which disciple denied Jesus three times?

#4. Who ordered Jesus to be crucified?

#5. What significant event happened on Good Friday?

#6. Which of these items is NOT traditionally associated with Easter?

#7. How many days did Jesus stay on earth after his resurrection before ascending to heaven?

#8. Where was Jesus when he was arrested?



We hope you enjoyed taking part in our Easter quiz and that it has deepened your understanding and appreciation of the Easter story. Whether the questions were a breeze or posed a bit of a challenge, the true essence of Easter shines through the remarkable story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. This season, as we celebrate new beginnings and the promise of hope, let’s carry the lessons and reflections gained from this quiz into our daily lives. May the joy and peace of Easter fill your hearts, and may you continue to explore and cherish the profound depths of the Christian faith. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

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